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Our Call to Action

The Black Summer was a potent wake up call for our outdoor community. Climate change is here and now and is already impacting our favourite places, activities, lifestyles and work. Climate impacts affecting the outdoors include increasing average temperatures, shortening snow seasons, worsening bushfire seasons, biodiversity impacts, coastal erosion, and more.

We have all the solutions we need to address the climate crisis, the only thing missing is political will. The climate movement is our chance of saving what we love and need from catastrophic climate change. 

If the root cause of these issues isn't addressed global temperatures will continue to climb and we'll experience more frequent park closures, more dangerous conditions in the outdoors, compromised natural environments and an overall lowered feasibility of trips, activities and programs. If we fail to limit global warming, we will have failed to give the generations who follow the chance to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature that we have had.

The case is clear. Urgent action is needed to save the outdoors, and so much more, from the ravages of the climate and ecological crisis.

From divesting and diet changes to writing letters and attending rallies, there is so much we can do. Outdoors People for Climate Action is where outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor workers from across Australia come together, within the climate movement, to take climate action. From rock climbers, to bushwalking clubs to whitewater guides - we have a dream of mobilising the entire outdoor community.

For the love of the outdoors, let's navigate our way to a better future!

Will you join us?

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