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Together We're Taking Action for the Outdoors 

How We Make a Difference

Speaking Up

We're speaking up about the impact of climate change on the Australian outdoors and the lives, work, and communities of outdoors people.

Empowering Action

We're taking action and promoting solutions in our outdoor adventures,  workplaces, politics,
and beyond.

Building Community


We're creating a community of engaged and active outdoor
enthusiasts and professionals from
across Australia.


Supporting Solutions

We're working alongside outdoor businesses to pursue positive outcomes for the climate and environment.

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Our Call to Action

Outdoors People for Climate is a grassroots community of people who love, live, and work in the Australian outdoors. 


Climate change and other ecological stressors are causing irreversible damage to the wild places we love and will make it progressively harder for Australians to access the outdoors.


It's clear: when nature thrives, people thrive. What's more, individuals, communities, and governments already possess the solutions needed to tackle the climate crisis and in turn create a better future, but we must act urgently.


Outdoors People for Climate are here to add to the growing call for meaningful, ambitious, and rapid political and business leadership on climate change in Australia. It is time for Australians to come together, listen to the science, take action, promote solutions and support positive change for people, the planet, and the outdoors.

Partnering with Outdoor Businesses

These outdoors businesses share our concern for how climate change is impacting the outdoors and our desire to participate in practical actions to address climate change and advocate for solutions. Learn more here.

This election, vote climate

Find out which parties' climate policies are up to scratch

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