Outdoors People

for Climate Action

Mission Statement

To empower people within the outdoor community to take climate action



Raise awareness about the climate crisis in the outdoor community

Compel outdoors people to join the climate movement


Connect members with resources, tools, information, events and groups

Empower outdoors people to take tangible, powerful climate action


Create a climate action network within the outdoor community

Bring climate issues to the forefront in the outdoors 


Be a voice for outdoors people in the climate movement 

Bring attention to climate impacts on outdoor places, work and activities

Who should join?

Outdoor Workers:

Outdoor Educators - Outdoor Instructors - Outdoor Guides - Outdoor Trainers - Nature Therapists - Outdoor Education Teachers - Rangers and Field Officers - Conservationists - Nature and Adventure Therapists - Scientists and Researchers - Outdoor Equipment Retailer - etc

Outdoor Enthusiasts:

 Bushwalkers - Skiers - Snowboarders - Climbers - Paddlers - Mountain Bikers - Divers - Surfers - Trail Runners - etc


The Climate Crisis and the Outdoors

Climate change has had and will increasingly have impacts on outdoor places throughout Australia. These impacts can degrade environments, reducing their appeal and suitability for outdoor activities. Increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events will increase risks to visitors and make it unsafe to visit affected areas more often and thus make reliable use of these areas more challenging.

The impacts of climate change are numerous and complex, and so will impact various outdoor places and activities differently.

The increase in extreme fire weather has already had pronounced impacts on the outdoors in Australia. The 2019-2020 widespread bushfires resulted in serious loses to outdoor businesses. When relocation was not possible, trips/activities were cancelled or rescheduled. Property and infrastructure belonging to or used by outdoor businesses was threatened, damaged or destroyed. Much land used by businesses has been severely fire affected and will not be suitable for use for some time. Public perception regarding bushfire risk may change and lessen appeal of outdoor services. This fire season also impacted outdoor enthusiasts with many national park closures, park evacuations and hazardous air quality.

The increase in average temperatures and number of hot days will reduce the suitability of outdoor activity for more of the summer throughout Australia, and an increasing part of the year in already hot places like the Red Centre.

Increasing drought conditions and lowered rainfall rates increase water scarcity, which can have impacts on paddling, water availability in the outdoors and the overall appeal of affected areas.  

The increased frequency and intensity of storms, including severe tropical cyclones, will increase storm related risks.

Rising sea levels, coastal erosion, storm surges, and coastal flooding can impact coastal areas and activities including coastal hikes, camping and surfing.

Climate related impacts to biodiversity and ecosystems will decrease the appeal of environments, most notably the Great Barrier Reef where more than half the coral is now dead.

Skiing and other snow sports have been impacted by declines in maximum snow depth and decreasing season length.

With these impacts expected to worsen as global temperatures continue to rise, their effects on the outdoors will become more severe, making this a problem we must address if we wish to maintain our lifestyles and employment. 

Events and Actions

There are a huge number of events and actions around Australia that members can attend through other climate groups

Please see a list of upcoming events (mostly online and free) on our Linktree.

If you are interested in Outdoors People for Climate Action speaking at or co-hosting an event, please contact us

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