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We're standing up for the natural places where we work.

Why outdoor businesses?


We LOVE working in the outdoors.


We all know that to work successfully in wild places, businesses need safe conditions and healthy natural environments. Climate change and increasing extreme weather events are already having a big impact for Australian workers and businesses in the outdoors, including through fire and flood events.

Outdoor businesses are perfectly placed to benefit from climate solutions, including renewable energy as well as protected and restored natural environments. 

We believe that outdoor education, nature-based tourism and outdoor equipment and apparel businesses can play a leading role in creating the change we need.


Many outdoor businesses are already showing leadership by: reducing their emissions; working with staff, stakeholders and their communities to employ solutions; educating participants and clients about sustainability; and calling on our government for enhanced climate action. 

What will your business do?

Our Business Supporters

Become a Business Supporter of Outdoors People for Climate

Outdoors People for Climate has played a key role in fostering momentum for climate action within the outdoor sectors, and has collaborated with a number of outdoor businesses and peak bodies on various projects to promote climate solutions.

Becoming a business supporter of Outdoors People for Climate is a simple action you can take to demonstrate to your staff and clients that your business recognises the importance of action to address climate change.

Please visit our dedicated FAQ page to learn more.

Ready to become a business supporter? Please complete our short form here

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