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Join our growing community of climate-active nature-based businesses.

To work, businesses that operate in wild places need safe conditions and healthy natural environments. Climate change and increasing extreme weather events are already having a big impact for workers and businesses in the Australian outdoors.

Outdoor businesses are perfectly placed to benefit from climate solutions like renewable energy and to advocate for a safe climate and the protection of our natural environments. 

We're working alongside businesses that operate in and for the outdoors, including within outdoor education, outdoor tourism and outdoor equipment and apparel to promote solutions and action in the outdoor sector and beyond. 


Our supporters are showing leadership by reducing emissions, working with staff, stakeholders and their communities, educating participants and customers, and calling on our government for enhanced climate action. 


Become a business supporter of Outdoors People for Climate today.  

Our Business Supporters

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Become a Business Supporter of OPC

By signing up to become a business supporter of Outdoors People for Climate (OPC) your business is demonstrating a shared concern for how climate change is impacting the outdoors, and a desire to participate in practical actions to address climate change and advocate for solutions. 


As a business supporter we agree to:

  1. Display the OPC logo either in our premises or online

  2. Our business's support being referred to, and our logo being placed, on the Outdoors People for Climate website and in other OPC communications

  3. Share Outdoors People for Climate with our staff and/or clients

  4. Receive communications from OPC about relevant updates and opportunities

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