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Join or host a climate conversation. 

Facilitated conversations for groups.

Outdoors People for Climate has partnered with Climate for Change. We're facilitating climate conversations with groups of people who share a love of the outdoors.


Most Australians are concerned about climate change but are confused and overwhelmed – they don't know how Australia should respond or what they personally can do. Social research shows that we make sense of confusing information and decide what to do about it through conversations with people we know and trust. Climate for Change has taken the party-plan model and adapted it to allow meaningful discussions about climate change to happen at scale.


Fill out our short form below to let us know if you would like to attend or host a conversation. 

Attend a conversation


Learn about climate solutions, discover the best actions you can take and connect with others. Conversations occur both in person and via Zoom. 

Host a conversation


Conversations start with a host, who invites friends to their home. A trained facilitator is sent to present information, answer questions and facilitate a discussion about climate change.

Hosts provide food and drinks for their guests; the trained facilitator does the rest. The ideal Climate Conversation size is 8-12 people, and it's a good idea to leave 2-3 weeks to organise the event. (The minimum number of guests for a productive discussion is four.)

You can find more information about these facilitated climate conversations on the Climate for Change website here.



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