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Write to your MP today

Have you got something to say about protecting the outdoors?


Writing to your Member of Parliament (MP) is a great way to have your voice heard about environmental concerns that relate directly to your community. It is our elected officials job to listen to and represent the individuals of their constituency on matters that are important to us!


As members of the outdoor community, climate change affects all of us; From loss of work, to change of lifestyle, natural disasters, and even our mental health. These matters are significant and evoke very real concerns that writing to your MP can help to influence change. 


We get it, writing a letter to an MP can feel like a big task, so we have put together this easy to use guide to simplify the process for you.


Below are some tips for writing an effective letter to your MP and a template that can be easily personalised to suit your local requirements. We just ask that you pledge your letter writing action so we can see the power of this collective effort as a wider group. Happy writing!

Typing on a Laptop



Did you know that writing an email to your MP is as effective as sending a paper letter? Save yourself the fiddle with stamps and a trip to the post office, this simple email template will reach your MP and can be easily personalised to suit different localised concerns.


Taking the time to write a personal email to your MP is a powerful action and holds a lot of merit compared to a signature on a petition, a postcard, or an impersonal ‘form letter’ on an issue. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard and form a relationship with your local member of parliament. 


It is important to be patient when waiting for a response to your email from your MP office. While it may take some time to hear back as they are often very busy, you can expect a response and may follow up on the email if you do not hear back within a couple of months. Be persistent, but always polite, and remember that your MP has a responsibility to represent you and to communicate with you. That is why they were elected and why they are paid.

Step #1 - Search for your MP details here

Step #2 - Read and personalise the letter template below

Step #3 - Copy and email the letter to your MP

Step #4 - Pledge your letter as part OPCA’s ‘Have your say’ campaign 

Step #5 - Celebrate for taking this important climate action! You’re a superstar!

Surfing in Australia

Specific concerns for

Who can you write to?

  • You can write to your Federal Member of Parliament

  • You can write to ANY Senator from your state or territory

  • You can write directly to:

               Minister for the Environment, Hon Sussan Ley MP

               Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management, Hon David                   Littleproud MP 

               Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia, Hon Keith Pitt MP 

               Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management,                       Hon Trevor Evans MP 

               Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries, Hon Jonathon Duniam 

dylan-shaw-5mbh-Y5sd_4-unsplash (1).jpg
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How to Switch Your Superannuation Fund

Step #1 - Find out where your superannuation fund stands

See if your super is investing in fossil fuels here. If so, proceed to step 2.


Step #2 - Pledge to divest

Fill out the form on this page to pledge that you'll divest your super.

Step #3 - Find a superannuation fund to switch to

Find a super with comprehensive fossil fuel exclusions here. You can also see ethical supers ranked here.

Step #4 - Make the Switch

Move your super.

Give your employer your new super information and then consolidate your funds. Read an excellent set of instructions here!

Step #5 - Celebrate! You're a superstar!


How to Switch Your Bank Account

Step #1 - Find out where your bank stands

See if your bank or credit union is investing in fossil fuels here. If so, proceed to step 2.


Step #2 - Pledge to divest

Fill out the form above to pledge that you'll divest your bank.

Step #3 - Find a bank to switch to

Find the banks that don't invest in fossil fuels here (click the green tab) and pick one that's right for you.

Step #4 - Make the Switch

Move your money.

Set up your new account, transfer your regular payments and income, move your money and close your old account. Read a simple set of instructions here and remember that your new bank is there to help!

Step #5 - Celebrate! You're amazing!

jeremy-bishop-1braZySlEKA-unsplash (1).j

If you have any questions or comments about this action please get in touch.



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[2] Super giants funnel billions into fossil fuels, vote down climate push. Sydney Morning Herald, Feb 13, 2020

[3] Fossil fuel production on track for double the safe climate limit. The Guardian, 20 Nov 2019

[4] DIVESTMENT, Market Forces

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