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Increasing extreme weather events in Australia, are already affecting our ability to work sustainably in the outdoors.

Outdoor businesses play a leading role in our outdoor community and beyond, and are well positioned to be powerful advocates for a safe climate. 

Outdoors People for Climate Action is working alongside businesses that operate in and for the outdoors. Our supporters include outdoor education operators, outdoor tourism providers, outdoor equipment and apparel businesses, and others.


Our supporters are working with their employees and their communities, making impactful changes in the workplace, showing leadership within their industry, and taking a stand by calling on governments for enhanced climate action. 


Become a supporter of Outdoors People for Climate Action today, at no cost, to join the growing community of climate-active outdoor businesses.  

Our Supporters


Terms of Support

As a supporter we agree to:

  1. Display the Outdoors People for Climate Action logo either in our premises or online

  2. Our logo being placed on the Outdoors People for Climate Action website and promotional materials and shared on social media

  3. Add our name to the business statement (statement below)

  4. Promote Outdoors People for Climate Action to our staff and/or clients


Business Statement of Concern

We, as Australian businesses who operate in, or provide products for, the outdoors, or who provide support for those who do, acknowledge that we have a responsibility and opportunity to help protect our outdoor places. 

Of course, we must address our own impact on the climate and the environment. 

However, we should also use our sphere of influence to promote climate action amongst our staff, clients, other stakeholders and beyond. 

Maintaining the integrity of outdoor places in Australia is essential to the success of our operations. Climate change, if unaddressed, poses a major threat to our businesses. 

We recognise that the world needs to greatly enhance its response to climate change if we are to avoid further worsening impacts, which will affect the outdoors, people and the earth. 

We will pursue a safe climate future.


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