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Meet the team


Our mission
To protect the outdoors in the face of the climate and ecological emergency by driving bold action in the Australian outdoor community. 


Our Goals

To sound the alarm


We're connecting the dots between the current and upcoming impacts of the climate and ecological emergency and their consequences for the outdoors - the threats that face wild places, our ability to do what we love and our outdoor lifestyles and careers. We're focusing on solutions as we navigate the better path to a greener future. 


To empower bold action

Inaction and adventure are incompatible. Passion is contagious. We're helping outdoors people to take effective climate action - in our personal lives, our adventures, our workplaces, the political sphere and beyond. 

To build our community


In the outdoors, working as a team is only natural. We're forging a network of motivated outdoors people so we can take action together. And we're working with and alongside other groups in the climate movement. 

To stand up for the outdoors


The wild places we love can't speak for themselves. We'll speak out and represent our community's unique concerns - in submissions and elsewhere. We'll help make sure that decision makers are taking the outdoors into account.

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Who we are

We're a grassroots group made up of our members.

Our members are outdoors enthusiasts and workers from across Australia. 


Outdoors Enthusiasts

We're bushwalkers, skiers, snowboarders, climbers, paddlers, mountain bikers, cavers, canyoners, divers, surfers, trail runners and anyone else who enjoys recreation in wild places. If you're an outdoor enthusiast you can join here

Outdoor Workers


We're also outdoor educators, outdoor instructors, outdoor guides, outdoor trainers, outdoor education teachers, rangers and field officers, conservationists, nature and adventure therapists, scientists and researchers, outdoor equipment retailer, and anyone else who works in or for wild places. If you're an outdoor worker you can join here

Outdoor Businesses 


Our supporters are outdoors businesses who have pledged their support for climate action. Outdoor businesses including outdoor education centres, outdoor tourism operators, outdoors equipment retailers or any other business that operates in or provide products for the outdoors can sign up to become a supporter here.


Behind the scenes is our passionate team of volunteers. Everyone on our team is a volunteer and without their contributions our work wouldn't be possible. If your interested in volunteering please let us know here!




There are a huge number of events and actions around Australia that members can attend through other climate groups

Please see a list of upcoming events (mostly online and free) on our Linktree.

If you are interested in Outdoors People for Climate Action speaking at or co-hosting an event, please contact us

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