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The outdoor industry is calling for climate leadership.

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The Australian outdoor industry is calling for climate leadership. Join our pledge to hold the federal government to account on it’s climate commitments.

The outdoor industry is facing significant impacts as a result of climate change. Continued worsening extreme weather events - including severe bushfires, flooding, extreme rainfall and heat waves - will interfere with business operations more and more.

The outdoor industry in Australia includes outdoor learning, active outdoor recreation, nature-based tourism, and bush adventure therapy. In 2018, the outdoor industry was worth $20 billion and was responsible for up to 30,000 full time equivalent jobs.

Outdoor experiences are key for a thriving visitor economy, greater physical and mental health-outcomes, enhanced education of our youth and instilling conservation values for a sustainable future. 

Experts tell us that in response to the true urgency and seriousness of the climate crisis, Australia should achieve net zero emissions by 2035, and reduce emissions by 75% below 2005 levels by 2030.

Businesses operating outdoors are ready to step up to the challenge of climate change. They are well positioned to support solutions.


To reap the benefits of outdoor activities for all Australians, the Australian outdoor industry calls on the Albanese government to deliver on its current climate commitments and further raise ambition to position Australia globally as a climate leader.

The outdoor industry is uniting to take a stance on climate change for the first time in Australia. We pledge to continue holding the federal government to account on it’s climate commitments with the support of Outdoors People for Climate and the Australian Outdoor Industry peak body.
Our goal is that all Australians will continue to benefit from increased participation in outdoor activities. To this end, it is vital that our natural environments are sustained.



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