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Climate Action Tactics Map

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The word climate action gets thrown around a lot. Plenty of people even self identify as 'climate activists'. But what do they actually ... do? What can one really do about the climate crisis - such a huge and complicated challenge?

Some climate actions are more widely know than others - we've been told for decades to change our light bulbs - but how popular is lobbying councils for renewable energy? For anyone out there wishing they could do a little or a lot more than what they're already doing, rest assured there is no shortage of ways to make a tangible, much needed impact. The only limit is your imagination and the amount of time you have to give.

This post and the associated graphic, aims to demystify the practicalities of climate action. Whether you're a tried and true climate activist, or brand spanking new to the movement - we hope you find the graphic helpful - for yourself and to share.

There are a multitude of different ways of describing, categorising or grouping climate actions. Our graphic is just one way of looking at this topic. This is not an exhaustive list of actions - there are hundreds!


How this Climate Action Tactics Map works

There are 8 different areas or groupings (the subtitles and colour-coded 'octants') in which various climate actions or 'tactics' (the small text boxes) fall into.


How to use this Climate Action Tactics Map

Click on the image to enlarge - best on a computer.

Consider how you relate to the information and how you think it applies to yourself as well as various climate issues, climate groups, or the climate movement at large.

Example questions to reflect upon:

  • Which area(s) do you spend the most/least time working in?

  • Which area(s) do your strengths/weaknesses lie in?

  • Are there any area(s) you would like to become more/less active in?

  • Which area(s) does your favourite climate/environmental group focus on?

  • Which area(s) do you think are well/not well represented in the climate movement?

  • Which area(s) do you think are the most/least powerful in reaching climate goals (e.g. limiting global warming to 1.5 °C).


Let us know what you think

Give us feedback. There's even potential for this graphic to have a 2nd edition.

  • Are you a fan?

  • Did we miss something?

  • Should there have been another category?

  • Would you get rid of or change one of the categories?

  • What do you think of how the tactics are grouped?

  • Would you extend this map in any way?

  • Do you have any favourite activist resources so people can learn more about this topic?

Comment on this post, get in touch via our contact page or message us on social media.


Sharing is caring

If you liked this graphic - please share it! We want as many people as possible to have a broad sense of the multitude of ways to take climate action to help them best contribute to the movement and show that there's a place for everyone.

We've got a version on our Twitter page (here).

Sharing on Facebook and Twitter is easy, but how do you share on Instagram? To share on Instagram you can either download a 'repost' app for Instagram like 'Repost for Instagram' or 'Regram'; or you can take a screenshot of our post, crop and post as per normal and then tag us in the photo.


“Because it’s no longer enough to be a decent person. It’s no longer enough to shake our heads and make concerned grimaces at the news. True enlightened activism is the only thing that can save humanity from itself.” ― Joss Whedon

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