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Climate change and camps: growing leadership in our workplaces and sector

On Thursday 27th of May, Outdoors People for Climate Action joined forces with the peak body, the Australian Camps Association, for a webinar titled Climate Change and Camps: Growing Leadership in our Workplaces and Sector.

Damon Angelopulo, a core volunteer on the Outdoors People for Climate Action team, is a lead campaigner in our collaboration with the outdoor sectors, which includes working with outdoor education, outdoor tourism and outdoor equipment businesses to drive positive change in the outdoor community.

Damon gave a 30 minute presentation, which explored how climate change is affecting businesses that operate in outdoor spaces and wild places, and featured ten true stories of camps and other outdoor businesses in action - those who have taken practical steps to address the climate crisis. Damo outlined a useful 10 part framework that can help businesses consider some of the many areas that they can take action in, to have a positive impact for the climate crisis, including how outdoor businesses can both shrink their footprint to reduce their climate harm, and grow their handprint to strengthen their positive influence.

During the webinar we also heard from Joel Thompson, a representative from Island Energy, a solar energy business who has partnered with the Australian Camps Association for the exciting and important Solar on Camps initiative.

If you work for an outdoor business or are otherwise interested in the positive role outdoor businesses can play in addressing the climate crisis, we highly recommend you watch the webinar recording and check out our accompanying resource pack which is full of links and resources to help outdoor businesses take climate action in each area outlined within the presentation. A link to the full presentation slide pack is available within the resource pack.

This is a great opportunity to consider the role your workplace can play in driving positive action, and please share the recording and resource pack with your workplace, training institution or in your network so that together we can accelerate positive action to protect the places, and careers, that we love.

Watch and share the recording here >>

Access the Climate Change and Camps resource pack here >>

We'd like to express our gratitude for the Australian Camps Association for being a supporter of Outdoors People for Climate Action and for hosting this exciting webinar. A big thanks also to all of the sector leaders who got involved and attended the event.

If you have any questions or would like to chat please get in touch. Also, if your business or workplace takes a climate action because of these resources, we'd love to hear about it. We are always looking for real stories of climate action from the field.

Learn more and join our community of climate engaged businesses today >>

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