Getting Started: How to Take Climate Action & Mobilise our Outdoor Community

Welcome to Outdoors People for Climate Action!

Whether our group is new to you or you're looking for a recap, this post quickly sums up where to find everything you need to get started in both taking climate action and spreading the word throughout our outdoor community.

Take climate action

Find an overview here

Learn about the climate crisis and solutions here

Discover groups to take action with here

Take specific, current climate actions from home here

Check out 100 climate actions (and tips) here

Damo writing a submission to the Narrabri hearing

Learn more about Outdoors People for Climate Action

Visit our about page or watch a presentation here

Vicki divesting her bank account

Mobilise the outdoor community

Become a member of Outdoors People for Climate Action here

Spread the word, ask your outdoorsy friends, family and colleagues to join

Display our posters, flyers and graphics where outdoors people will see them

Ask an outdoor business to become a supporter

Volunteer with us

You can donate here

Sophie participating in a national day of action

Stay in the loop

Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram where we post heaps of informative content

Find upcoming online climate and environmental events on our Linktree

Visit our blog

If you're a member you'll receive our monthly newsletter and other important updates

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