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Outdoors People for Climate Action presents at Outdoor Queensland's Coffee & Conversation

Today, Outdoors People for Climate Action had the opportunity to speak at Outdoors Queensland's Coffee & Conversation.

We're committed to engaging as many people in the outdoors as possible about the urgent issue of the climate and ecological crisis and to inspire our community to take action.

Who is Outdoors Queensland?

Outdoors Queensland is the peak body, the information hub and the go to place for all things outdoors in Queensland -representing outdoor educators, outdoor tour operators and beyond.

What is Coffee & Conversation?

Coffee & Conversation is a chance for outdoor workers, businesses and peak bodies to talk – to get together with others from the outdoors. Outdoors Queensland shares news from the outdoors sector and what they're doing – and attendees can share their concerns, suggestions and solutions.

You can register to attend Outdoors Queensland's upcoming Coffee & Conversation events here.

What did Outdoors People for Climate Action talk about?

Vicki presented on behalf of Outdoors People for Climate Action and spoke about who we are as a group, what we're doing, what we hope to achieve, how businesses and peak bodies can get involved.

Where can I watch it?

Find a recording of the session here (our presentation's at the 10 minute mark).

Do you want Outdoors People for Climate Action to give a presentation for your group, business, organisation or club?

We love to talk to outdoors people about climate impacts in the outdoors and how our community can take action! Please contact us.

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