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Outdoors People for Climate Action Presents at Victorian Backcountry Festival

6 September 2020 - Outdoors People for Climate Action News

Outdoors People for Climate Action gave a 15 minute presentation at the 2020 Online Victorian Backcountry Festival (VBCF).

The event was a jam packed day with three rooms and stacks of inspiring presenters.

Our presentation included climate impacts that have and will affect the outdoors in the alpine and the rest of Australia and Outdoors People for Climate Action who we are, what we do and how people can get involved.

You can watch the presentation at about 2 hours 18 minutes into this video from the VBCF Bogong Room.

Thanks so much to the organisers for putting on this fantastic annual community event and making the COVID-friendly online VBCF 2020 a huge success.


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