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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

You've found your way to our handy references page - a compilation of references for the information within our recent social media posts.


Post 28 December 2020

If you haven't written to your MP yet...,to%20get%20there%20before%202060.,reach%20net%20zero%20by%202050.


Post 14 December 2020

The good vibes of switching to a better bank or super don't end with with not investing in fossil fuels!


Post 10 December 2020

Is divesting legitimate?


Post 10 December 2020

Today's fossil fuel divestment movement has historical parallels in the fight against Apartheid. ⁠,the%20injustice%20of%20climate%20change.


Post 4 December 2020

If seals could talk...


Post 1 Dec 2020

We're keen to learn - and share - about the measures outdoor businesses are taking to become more environmentally sustainable.


Post 22 Nov 2020

This eye opening footage was captured this November.

1.4 degrees's%20weather%20and%20climate%20are,warmer%20than%20the%20ones%20before.

Worsening Bushfire Seasons



Post 15 Nov 2020

From our post yesterday... the good news just keep rolling.







Post 14 Nov 2020

Time for some good news in climate politics - and we're not talking about Biden!



South Korea

Aussie Coal


Climate Change Bill

Ignored Climate Change Authority

Britain, France, Italy

Office Works, Bunnings


Australian public


Post 13 Nov 2020

Calling all white water rafters, sea-kayakers and canoers!,flows%20out%20across%20the%20floodplain.


Post 9 Nov 2020

What does the Biden win mean for the climate?


Post 5 Nov 2020

GREAT OUTDOORS NEWS!⁠,by%202022%2C%22%20he%20said.


Post: 4 Nov 2020

🔥 Bushfire danger ratings are designed to indicate...


Post: 25 Oct 2020

A little secret many of the big energy companies don't advertise very well...


Post: 16 Oct 2020



Post: 16 Oct 2020

How can you ask your Member of Parliament to take climate action? Write them a letter!


Post: 11 Oct 2020

Calling All Surfers,surf%20spots%20around%20the%20globe.,the%20ocean%20becomes%20more%20acidic.


Post: 6 & 7 Oct 2020

Outdoor education programs can provide a host of benefits to participants...

Moving beyond “letting the mountains speak for themselves”...


Post: 1 Oct 2020

It’s Food Waste Free October!,million%20people%20who%20are%20undernourished.


Post: 30 Sep 2020

Why were last season’s fires so severe?


Post: 29 Sep 2020

As for the outdoors, how were our favourite places and activities and our lifestyles/work affected?


Kangaroo Island, most homes destroyed,people%20in%20South%20Australia%20died


Rainforest Qld:

Binna Burra:


Post: 28 Sep 2020

Following on from our last two posts, today we look at Black Summer’s impacts to nature and the environment.

Animals killed / displaced:

Critical habitat:

119 species:



Mountain Ash:

Alpine Ash:


Sphagnum Bogs:


Post: 27 Sep 2020

As spring warms, we are reminded of last summer.

Start of fire season,130%20blazes%20across%20two%20states.&text=On%20Tuesday%2C%2058%20fires%20were,in%20neighbouring%20New%20South%20Wales.

Fifth of forests burnt's%20wildfires%20have%20destroyed%20more,climate%20change%2C%20researchers%20said%20Monday.

80% of Australians affected, smoke in Sydney

Smoke and insurance claims,told%20a%20royal%20commission%20hearing.



Tourism lost

Homes Destroyed, Firefighters lost, Monash air quality


Post: 23 Sep 2020

Calling all outdoors people!


Post: 17 Sep 2020

It's time for some good news.


Post: 15 Sep 2020



Post: 13 Sep 2020

Just 9 more quick reasons why Scott Morrison’s plan to expand gas in Australia is terrible.


Post: 11 Sep 2020

How else wants a climate-led recovery (not a gas-led disaster)? Scientists!


Post: 10 Sep 2020

Who wants a green recovery? Yes us, but also some pretty important players in Australia.


Post: 8 Sep 2020

Australia’s got billions of dollars of public money needing to be spent to reboot our economy after COVID-19 - how do we spend it?


Post: 5 Sep 2020

Our last bushfire season was devastating - for families who lost loved ones, people who lost homes or businesses, animals who lost lives or habitat and all of us who experienced it.


Post: 3 Sep 2020

Dear outdoor tourism friends,,tourists%20visited%20Australia%20from%20overseas.


Post: 31 Aug 2020

Dave Rastovich - the iconic Australian freesurfer (getting paid to surf, but not compete) lives in Byron Bay with his partner Lauren Hill, fellow freesurfer, and son Minoa.,property%20and%20his%20little%20family.


Post: 30 Aug 2020

What’s a BioBlitz?


Post: 29 Aug 2020

Good on ya Aldi - making a positive change in business that will benefit the company’s bottom line, human health, climate, the environment and much more.


Post: 28 Aug 2020

"Extra-curricular activities, those excursions and overnight things which you would ordinarily do, are not acceptable during a pandemic". - Gladys Berejiklian[0]=68.ARA7ADWQH3VQBFwN3CnQt9PfViF3qTVmFTg_sNSm0cCeL_fKJim2sXCeiJrgaTe_8DmQWlr9UcJ50t5dKOWLV4Q9AaNdh7SFwltpxLhxT9RW2yqGZUUmnm2MeKQJcGz0Fdj2WlgBP9oqbqgdTEky2iMH_xRWgDBscLphWcwf9yf30ZDqpefywtEyYX1L4jH1k0t2BIeBVCaPNRc_TXxVqJVkvPPVQzkF4S2g8QK4N92JjQuZ4-AKsXvsBTyjWkKwsxXvaF9TRwLXb36DFCWZTxqgERQ8T_jZobfg0-ejakCQxRQafymk5q2dfLNVbGU5xfiYJAqq_dgTiuxwv-zUfse0


Post: 21 Aug 2020