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Speak-Up for Climate this September

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

For the month of September, Outdoors People for Climate is running an exciting campaign to empower our community to write to their MP and speak up about climate change!

We understand, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to take action, but our forests, oceans and critters depend on us to do so. Which is why we’ve put together a simple guide and template to help you write to your Member of Parliament (MP), calling on them to protect the natural places and things you love.

The evidence is stacked that something has got to change in regards to the way humans live on this planet, and we need to see some big changes from the top. Luckily, the impending federal election as well as the upcoming November COP26 in Glasgow, make this the perfect time to voice your concerns and expectations to your elected officials. It is their job to listen and represent the individuals in their electorate.

Speak-Up September

Speak-Up September is a month-long initiative to call on our community to Speak-Up to our elected officials about concerns specifically relating to the outdoor community and climate. We want to support you in taking this action as well as share your amazing efforts with the greater community by collecting pledges for each letter sent. We hope that by sharing the results of this collective effort, it can inspire the power of writing a letter to your MP as an important tool for future change.

Why is it important?

Writing to your MP is not a token gesture. Federal MPs have important roles and responsibilities in shaping the way Australia cares for the environment and acts on climate change. MPs are real people who you can reach out to and form relationships with. It is an opportunity to share your personal experience and knowledge with your elected representative. Taking the time to write a personal email to your MP is a powerful action and can be more effective than a signature on a petition or a ‘form letter’ submitted on an issue.

Are you ready to take action with us?

Click here to visit our Speak-Up September webpage to read more about the campaign and understand the specific impacts the climate is having on the outdoor community. Of course, as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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