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My opportunity to chat with Majell Backhausen on Stokely podcast

Not too long ago I sat down in my kitchen to have a chat over zoom, something most of us have become familiar with in 2020, for Stokely podcast with Majell Backhausen.

Majell's a Patagonia ambassador, pro trail runner and climate activist among other things. He's one of the inspiring people behind For Wild Places, a newly emerged group leading the running community to immediate action for the protection of wild places.

Majell hosts the Stokely podcast, whose guests have included politicians, business people, pro athletes, adventurers and activists.

During the conversation we discussed the logistics of my end to end walk of the Australian Alpine Walking Track, what it's like working at Outward Bound, how an urban kid can find nature as an adult, the outdoors, climate change and Outdoors People for Climate Action.

I'm very grateful to have had a chance to have a Stokely chat with Majell, who's got enough skill in the art of conversation for two, and as always to have an opportunity to talk about the outdoor community and climate action.

Find this episode (Episode 31) or all the other great episodes on Stokely Podcast, available on a variety of podcast apps, here:

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