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That's a Wrap: Speak-Up September and Day of Action for Australia's 2030 Climate Target

Together, ahead of November's fast approaching COP26 climate summit and the next federal election, we picked up our cameras and our keyboards to call for greater climate ambition.

We asked outdoors people to join us in taking the big step of writing a letter to their federal member of parliament, asking for more action on climate change. We have been amazed by the response. At least 33 of us wrote to our MP for Speak-Up September.

And for most of us, this was the first time writing to our MP. Here's what Hilary, Helene and Melissa had to say:


“It was super easy - The template provided was perfect and was a great example of what I could include in a letter to my MP in the future."


“Hey OPC team, As always you do all the hard work in the research and spell out the action so clearly and simply that we just can't not do it! It was super simple to look up the MP and address the climate issues personally to each of them (3 MP in my area). Let's put this to the top of their priority list!”


“I was finding it really hard to communicate how I felt about the government not taking climate action and didn't know how to start getting involved in the solution, but this guide helped and allowed me to send an email to my MP quickly. I feel like I've made a positive contribution and will look for ways that I can continue to do so in the future. Let's hope the government can start taking action and listen to the people.”

Towards the end of the month, we took action alongside other passionate groups, by sharing photos in support of a stronger 2030 climate target for Australia. Hundreds of photos showed our politicians that Aussies really care about climate and expect enhanced ambition. You can find these powerful photos here.

So what's next?

While Speak-Up September is a wrap, it is always a good time to write to your MP about climate change. Rest assured that OPC's MP letter writing resources are here to stay. If you haven't yet written to your MP or would like to share the resource with your family or friends you can still find the resource here.

And if you'd like to further your relationship with your MP, to continue the conversation about action on climate, you can follow up with a phone call or connect with them in person by arranging a meeting.

And don't forget, you can find a range of meaningful actions you can take for climate right here.

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