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Vote for climate - this scorecard will help

Hi outdoors people!

In just ten days, on May 21st, we'll be setting down our backpacks, surfboards and mountain bikes as we head to the polling booths. For so many of us, our love of nature will be front of mind when we vote. After all, our flora and fauna and the landscapes where we love to spend time don't get a say. We can give nature a voice, by voting for climate.

In 2015 Australia signed the Paris Agreement. It's up to our decision makers to take the steps necessary to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Deep cuts to emissions this decade are a must.

We know our federal government has been a climate laggard on the global stage. But as we get ready to hit the polls, it can be a challenge to discern who's climate policies are really up to scratch.

This scorecard by Climate Analytics makes navigating the major parties' climate commitments a lot easier.

"Ahead of the upcoming Australian elections, Climate Analytics has analysed the global warming implications of the 2030 climate targets of the political parties and independents... The results are stark, showing the LNP targets are consistent with 3˚C of global warming (bordering on 4˚C), the ALP’s target is consistent with 2˚C, and the Teal Independents and Greens consistent with 1.5˚C of warming." - 2022 Analysis by Climate Analytics

You can find the full analysis by Climate Analytics here.

Before this election we have the opportunity to speak with friends and family about what it means to be a climate voter. You might like to forward this email to someone who could be wondering how to best use their vote.

The time for climate denial and delay by our federal government is over. Let's vote for a party or independent who is serious about climate action.

For the love of the outdoors,

Damon & the Outdoors People for Climate team


P.S. Do you have some time to spare on election day? Many climate organisations around Australia are looking for volunteers to hand out this scorecard at polling booths. If you're interested in helping out, please get in touch (and include your suburb/town) so we can put you in touch with the right people.

P.S.S. Let's be honest. Our political system can be confusing. And some of us are first time voters. You might be interested in these short explainer videos by the Guardian Australia. They provide an introduction to preferential voting, voting below the line, and more. You can check them out here.


Authorised by Damon Angelopulo, Outdoors People for Climate, 14 Stuarts Road Katoomba NSW 2780


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