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What was your experience emailing your MP - Testimonials from the outdoors community

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Throughout the month of September, Outdoors People for Climate has been running an exciting campaign which has empowered our community to write to their MP and speak about climate change!

Along the way we have collected pledges for every letter sent so we can show the Australian community that the outdoors community are here, that we care, and are taking bold and effective action to make our voice heard. Below are testimonials we have received from the outdoors community who have taken the pledge.

Visit our Speak-Up September webpage to read more and write to your MP!

Have you already taken action for Speak-Up September? OPC would love to know your experience - fill out the pledge here.



"I was finding it really hard to communicate how I felt about the government not taking climate action and didn't know how to start getting involved in the solution, but this guide helped and allowed me to send an email to my MP quickly. I feel like I've made a positive contribution and will look for ways that I can continue to do so in the future. Let's hope the government can start taking action and listen to the people."



“It was a little scary to be honest; I didn't know what I was doing and whether any notice would be taken. But it was an incredibly empowering move and I got really into it. I care deeply about climate change, but I think it would've taken me many more years to have the guts and impetus to write to my MP without Speak-Up September.”



“It was stressful but having the template made the experience much easier and the knowledge that potentially it might have some effect made it easier.”



“Our state gov finally listened about native forest logging. Now we need them and the federal government to take action on the even bigger issue of climate change! Tell them to take action - Speak Up!”



“The template was easy to understand and personalise. The whole process took less than ten minutes!”



“The template provided an easy way to write efficiently and effectively to my MP. I felt like I was really making a direct difference by contacting a person who has power to make real change in Australia's climate policies.”



"I have been meaning to do this forever!!! It was way easier than I thought."



“It was very straightforward and easy.”



“I used the template and made a few changes to talk about my kids and their future and the need to protect nature for them.”



“easy, quick and efficient.”



"The template was super easy to use! The whole process took under 10 minutes which I was pleasantly surprised about, would definitely participate in a similar action in the future."



"It was super easy - The template provided was perfect and was a great example of what I could include in a letter to my MP in the future."



"I found it easy and felt like I was able to make a contribution to making the case for climate action heard. I've never written to my MP before and hadn't even thought about doing it so it was a good action to take."



"Surprisingly easy and surprisingly cathartic."



"Hey OPC team, As always you do all the hard work in the research and spell out the action so clearly and simply that we just can't not do it! It was super simple to look up the MP and address the climate issues personally to each of them (3 MP in my area). Let's put this to the top of their priority list!"


Visit our Speak-Up September webpage to read more and write to your MP!

Have you already taken action for Speak-Up September? OPC would love to know your experience by filling out the pledge here.

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