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Outdoors People for Climate Action is a group that represents us

- outdoors people who care about climate change.


The logo and other promotional material can help us enhance our community and our cause.

Please remember to use this material responsibly - always in a non-violent and respectful way. 


These Outdoors People for Climate Action logo files below are for your use.

Make sure to put these logos onto a white (or light coloured) background because they are PNG files. 

Get creative! You could: 

  • Create a placard with the logo to bring to a protest/event. 

  • Print a logo onto fabric to create a T-shirt, flag or banner. 

  • Add a logo to a meme or social media post. 

Promotional Poster

Put this A4 poster up somewhere outdoors people can see it.

Can only print black and white? Use this poster: 


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Throughout Australia, we respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land and their Elders past, present and future.