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Posters, Flyers and Logos

Help spread the word and engage the outdoor community.

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Posters and Flyers

Share these flyers and posters wherever outdoors people congregate - in climbing gyms, gear stores, rogaining events, bushwalking clubs, your workplace or Tafe/Uni and beyond.

Informative A5 Flyer


A4 Poster


A4 Poster


B&W - A4 Poster

black and whitttt.PNG

Shareable Graphics

Share these graphics wherever you like - they're perfect for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

TAKE ACTION! (i.e. with other groups and
speakup! (i.e. politicial).png
best join us (i.e. opca).png


Get creative! You could: create a placard with the logo to bring to a protest or other event, print a logo onto fabric to create a T-shirt, flag or banner or add a logo to a meme or social media post. 

Make sure to put these logos onto a white (or light coloured) background - they are PNG files. 

Banner Logo

Banner Logo - Outdoors People for Climat

Block Logo

Block Logo -Outdoors People for Climate

Icon Only Logo

Icon Only Logo - Outdoors People for Cli

Text Only Logo

Text Only Logo - Outdoors People for Cli