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Want to do something about the climate crisis? You're in the right place. There are so many actions we can take right now, that will make a real difference. We can learn more about the climate crisis and the best solutions, and team up with groups that are making a difference. We can hold our politicians to account and use our money for good. We can take steps to reduce our own emissions and empower those around us. 

The climate crisis is our biggest challenge, and the biggest threat facing people, planet and the outdoors. But together we can take bold action and tackle the climate crisis head on.

Let's use our voices and actions as a force for good, and navigate our way to a better, greener future.

This page is a starting point. Learn more about how to connect with and support our growing community of climate-active outdoors people. Discover important actions that you can take right now. 


Connect with Outdoors People for Climate Action

Join our community. Sign up to become a member of Outdoors People for Climate Action and receive our most important news by joining our email list. ​

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To connect with other like-minded people in our community, join our Facebook discussion group. 

Learn more about our group and our goals.

Volunteer with us

Our volunteers make it possible for our group to drive bold climate action in the outdoor community. Everyone in our team is a volunteer. No matter where you are in Australia (or even overseas) and whatever your skills and interests, there are opportunities for everyone to contribute.

Support our work

We rely on generous donations to fund our work. You can support our mission by making a donation to our GoFundMe page. Contributions of all sizes are appreciated.

Build our community

Our group is growing bigger every day and is perfect for anyone in Australia who loves the outdoors. To empower bold action in the outdoor community, we need to connect far and wide with as many outdoors people as possible. Together let's build our community, share the passion with others, and spread the word. Tell your mates, share our posters where outdoors people congregate or use social media to share our group with your network.


Ask an outdoor business to get active

We see the outdoor industries as climate-action leaders, role-modeling and calling for positive change. We're working with outdoor companies and organisations: outdoor education operators, outdoor tourism providers and outdoor equipment businesses. Ask your employer or favourite outdoors business to join our community by becoming a supporter. There's no fee, and it's a great opportunity to be a part of the solution. 

Learn more about the crisis and solutions

What's the Paris Agreement all about? How much has the world warmed already? What are the best solutions we have to solve the climate crisis? For insight and answers, check out our list of seriously informative climate resources. Find reputable organisations, websites, reports, podcasts and other resources, that will help you learn more about the climate and ecological crisis, the politics and the solutions.


Connect with the climate movement

Our actions are aligned with the wider climate movement and the multitude of other groups and organisations in Australia and around the world, who are taking vital action to address the climate and ecological crisis. Connect with other groups that are active in your local area, or who are working on an issue that you're passionate about. 

Take online climate actions from anywhere

Take important climate and ecological actions easily, from home, the road or wherever you happen to be (with reception). Sign a petition, send an email, write a submission or make waves on social media.​ We regularly add new actions from different groups all over Australia. 

Shrink your footprint, grow your handprint

Find 21 powerful actions that we can take to make a positive difference for the climate, the earth and the outdoors - by reducing our harm and expanding our positive influence. Adopt a more planet friendly diet, get active on a political level, detox your superannuation from fossil fuels, and more. Find tips, tricks, links and resources that help make completing each action easy. 


Attend a climate event

Learn something new, take action and connect with like-minded people by attending one of the many events hosted by climate groups and environmental organisations in Australia. Check out our short list of upcoming online or wide-spread events. RSVP for a rally, action, training or webinar that appeals to you. 


Outdoors people are natural leaders. When we put our minds to something and work together, we can achieve great things.

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Have any questions about how to get active with Outdoors People for Climate Action or the climate movement? Feel free to get in touch with any questions, feedback, or just to say g'day.