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Understand the science, problems and solutions of the climate crisis. Empower yourself with these written and video/audio resources. 

Join in on Activism

Climate activism is needed to address the climate crisis.

The only thing missing to avert climate disaster is political will. We must show governments that the population wants climate action and hold politicians and businesses to account. 

Get in touch with climate, environmental and related issue groups, attend events, and assist with actions and campaigns.  

General Actions

  • Write to your member of parliament. 

  • Divest your money - superannuation, bank accounts, etc.

  • Donate to one or more organisations who help the climate - consider a recurring donation rather than a one-off.

  • Talk to everyone - friends, family, colleagues - about the climate crisis and climate action. 

  • Install solar panels or buy renewable energy. 

  • Make positive environmental changes within your workplace.

Check out this Climate Action Toolkit by Climate Council which provides tips and tricks for most of these listed actions. 

Take Campaign Specific Actions

Take these targeted, specific actions, organised by various groups, designed to acheive particular outcomes. Anyone can take these actions, they range in difficulty and you can do them from home.

Reduce your Impact

Review your personal carbon and ecological footprint.

The Big 4

1. Have 1 fewer child *

2. Live car free

3. Avoid 1 round trip transatlantic flight *

4. Buy green energy

* By doubling this action you double the impact. For example, avoiding 2 round trip transatlantic flights would (on average) have a larger positive impact than living car free. 

Calculate Your Footprint

Footprint calculators are an easy way to evaluate your own footprint and to identify changes that will suit you and will be effective in reducing your impact. 

Here's an easy-to-use, Australian specific calculator, which allows an optional amount of detail:


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