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Protect the Pilliga from Coal Seam Gas

On the 12 June 2020 the NSW government recommended approval of an 850-well coal seam gas field in the Pilliga forest wilderness near Narrabri. This project will poison groundwater, carve up the forest with roads and pipelines, endanger koalas and other threatened species, and increase the risk of wildfires. We need to say no to new gas fields to meet the Paris Agreement. There's still hope to stop this project, there will be a public hearing on the 20-24 July, held by the Independent Planning Commission (IPC).

Read more information at the CSG Free North West website here

Task #1: Sign relevant petitions and open letters

Time/Difficulty: 1 minute each - easy

Find this Task and additional information:

By the Nature Conservation Council here

By the Wilderness Society here

By CSG Free North West here

Task #2: Make a submission to the Independent Planning Commission

Time/Difficulty: 20 minutes - 4 hours, moderate

Find this Task and additional information: On the Wilderness Society website here

Due Date: By July 31

Updated 16 June 2020

Call for a Just Recovery

The federal government, through the advice of the non-elected, hand-selected National COVID-19 Coordination Commission is pushing for a gas-led recovery, whilst the climate movement, business leaders and economists call for a renewable-led recovery. There are serious concerns about transparency, vested interests and climate risks associated with the Covid Commission. We must act now, lest we allow the Covid Commission to squander our best opportunity to decarbonise our economy in time to meet the Paris Agreement. 

Task #1 Write a letter to the editor - making a case for a renewable-led recovery

Time/Difficulty: 20 minutes - 4 hours, moderate

Find this task and additional information: On Solar Citizens website here - they make it easy to write your letter and send it off to your choice of news outlets.   

Task #2 Write a letter to your MP

Time/Difficulty: 10 minutes - 4 hours, easy to moderate

Find this task and additional information:

On the Fossil Fuel Watch website here 

And on the Getup! website here

Task #3 Write a letter to your MP and Senators

Time/Difficulty:10 minutes - 4 hours, easy to moderate

Find this task and additional information:

On the Parent's for Climate Action website here


Task #4 Sign relevant petitions and open letters

Time/Difficulty: 1 minute each - easy

Find this Task and additional information:

By the Australian Conservation Council: here

By Fridays for Future: here

By Friends of the Earth here: here

By GetUp!: here 

Also by GetUp!: here

By the Australian Institute: here 

By the Climate Council: here

New (10 July) By Greenpeace: here

Updated 10 July 2020

Save Tassie's Forests

On 8 April, 356,000 hectares of carbon rich Tasmanian forests have been opened up for logging. These are forests with proven High Conservation Values, which have been in a moratorium since 2012. This is a huge amount of land considering the current logging area within public state forest in Tasmania is 800,000 hectares.


Groups active in this campaign include:

Bob Brown Foundation, The Wilderness Society, The Tree ProjectsBlue Derby Wild and Forestry Watch

Task #1: 

Sign the petition by the Greens here and the petition by the Bob Brown Foundation here

Task #2: 

Post a photo on social media of you holding a 'Save Tassie's Forests' sign​

  • Make your own sign or print this one

  • Use the hashtag #SaveTassiesForests

  • Tag Tassie's Premier Peter Gutwein in your post

  • On Facebook check-in to the Department of Premier and Cabinet in Hobart

  • Get your housemates/family in the photo if you can

  • Find more information and text you could use for your post here

Task #3:

Call the Premier of Tasmania Peter Gutwein on (03) 6777 1007 or email him here and ask him to protect these forests instead of opening them up to logging.

Task #4:

Call/email national/local media to tell them about this threat to Tasmania's forests

Due Dates: sooner the better

More Information: on the Bob Brown website here

Updated 13 June 2020

Support the

Climate Change Bill 2020

Independent MP, Zali Steggall, plans to introduce The Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation) Bill 2020 into federal parliament. The bill would provide climate change framework legislation at a National level. 

Read More on our blog: 


Task #1: Sign your name in support of the bill

Time/Difficulty: 1 minute, easy

Find this Task and additional information:

on the ClimateActNow official site of Zali Stegall's campaign: https://www.climateactnow.com.au/

Task #2: Write to your MP (and up to 12 other key MPs) asking them to support the Bill

Time/Difficulty: 20 minutes - 4 hours x number of letters, moderate

Find this Task and additional information:

on the Australian Parents for Climate Change Website here

Task #3: Promote the Bill

Time/Difficulty: Varied


1. Get your community on board. Access pre-made flyers, FAQs, Act Summary and more information at: https://www.climateactnow.com.au/

2. Share our blog post about the Bill

3. Share this great video (or others) about the bill: on Facebook, or elsewhere 

4. Use the Facebook profile pic filter called Climate Act Now YES

5. Use the hashtag #ClimateActNow

Due Dates: TBC (introduction of the bill was delayed due to COVID-19)

Updated 13 June 2020

End Fracking in the Northern Territory

After the NT Government lifted its moratorium on hydraulic fracking in 2018, Origin energy and Santos rushed in to expand Australia’s unconventional gas industry. Both companies have since been actively drilling in the Beetaloo Basin. Fracking threatens indigenous communities, water quality and the climate. The Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) reports that "Fracking will exponentially increase the NT's carbon emissions". Recently, both companies have delayed their fracking operations due to risks associated with workers transmitting COVID-19 to vulnerable indigenous communities. Now is an opportune time to convince Origin and Santos to give up their NT fracking plans for good. 

Groups campaigning against fracking in the NT include:

Seed mob, ALEC, GetUp!, Lock the Gate, Protect Country Alliance, AYCC

Learn more about this topic:

on the ALEC website here

Watch the documentary Water is Life here

Task #1: Sign relevant petitions and open letters

Time/Difficulty: 1 minute each, easy

Find this task and additional information:

By Seed Mob here 

Also by Seed Mob here 

By Don't Frack the Territory (Lock the Gate) here

By Protect Country Alliance here 

By GetUp! here 

By Lock the Gate here

By AYCC here

Task #2: Write to Origin telling them to not frack the NT

Time/Difficulty: 20 minutes - 1 hour, easy-moderate

Find this task and additional information: On GetUp!'s website here

Updated 13 June 2020

Looking for more?

Assorted Tasks

Task #1: Don't let our clean energy agencies finance gas - email Anthony Albanese

Time/Difficulty: 5 minutes - 1 hour, easy - moderate

Find this task and additional information: On the Australia Conservation Council's website here

Task #2: Protect the Ningaloo-Exmouth Gulf from Industrial Development - Email the WA government

Time/Difficulty: 1 minute - 1 hour, easy (there's a pre-fill option)

Find this task and additional information: on the Save Ningaloo website here

Task #3: Stop Forest Derived Biofuels - Sign the petition by Nature Conservation Council 

Time/Difficulty: 1 minute, easy

Sign the petitionhere

New (10 July) Task #4: Request the EPBC interim report to be released - call your MP

Time/Difficulty: 5 - 10 minutes, moderate

Find this action: By the Wilderness Society here

Updated 10 July 2020

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