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Write to your MP

Have you got something to say about protecting the outdoors?

Right now, our environment is facing extreme pressures. Climate change, biodiversity loss and increasing pollution threaten our beloved outdoor places.


Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to take action but our forests, oceans and critters depend on us to do just that.


That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide and template to help you write to your local Member of Parliament (MP), calling on them to protect the natural places and things you love.

Why you should write to your MP

Writing to your MP is a great way to have your voice heard about environmental issues that concern your community. It is the job of elected officials to listen to and represent the individuals in their electorate.


In Australia, we have both state and federal MPs. Both have important roles and responsibilities in shaping the way Australia cares for the environment and acts on climate change. MPs are real people who you can reach out to and form relationships with. 


Climate change affects all of us. For those of us who love or work in the outdoors, these personal impacts can include loss of work, change of lifestyle, and negative impacts on physical and mental health. These impacts are both urgent and important. 


We are becoming increasingly aware of how climate change will impact our daily lives, but our politicians often don’t get to hear our personal stories.


Writing to your local MP is not a token gesture. It is an opportunity to share your personal experience and knowledge with your elected representative. By doing so, you can shape their views on issues that matter most to you and help them understand your very real concerns about the environment.  

Taking the time to write a personal email to your MP is a powerful action and can be more effective than a signature on a petition or an impersonal ‘form letter’ submitted on an issue. 


It is important to be patient when waiting for a response from your MP office. While it may take some time to hear back as they are often very busy, you can expect a response and may follow up on the email if you do not hear back within a couple of months. Be persistent, but always polite, and remember that your MP has a responsibility to represent you and to communicate with you. That is why they were elected and why they are paid.

Recently written to your federal MP? That's great! Here's who else you can write to... 

There are a number of MPs that you can write to. Writing to your federal MP is a good starting point, as they are elected to represent your views. In addition to writing to your federal MP, you can also write to:

  • Your state MP

  • Any senator from your state or territory

You can also write to federal ministers who hold portfolios relevant to environmental issues, including:

  • Minister for the Environment, Hon Sussan Ley MP

  • Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management, Hon David Littleproud MP

  • Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia, Hon Keith Pitt MP

  • Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction Environmental Management, Hon Trevor Evans MP 

  • Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries, Hon Jonathon Duniam

What to include in your letter 

In your letter, we recommend you:

  • Introduce yourself - where do you live, work and play?

  • Explain why you care about protecting the outdoors

  • Describe your personal experience of climate change or environmental issues

  • Tell them what you want them to do. We have included an important ask in the letter template, but you could also ask them to:

    • Vote for or against proposed legislation

    • Oppose a major development or investment in fossil fuels

    • Agitate a certain environmental issue in Parliament

    • Refer an issue or matter to an inquiry

  • Keep it brief - preferably less than two pages. Be clear with your requests and always be polite.

How to 
Write to your MP

Write to your MP by following these easy steps:








Search for the contact details of your local MP here.

Read and personalise the letter template below

Email your finalised letter to your MP

Pledge your letter below so we can keep a record of letters being sent 

Share this guide with your family and friends

Celebrate! You have done a great thing to help protect the outdoors.

Your outdoor specific
Letter Template

The above text is ready for you to copy & paste into an email then personalise & send to your chosen MP!

You can also find a downloadable version of this template here
Climate Change Banners

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